Prepare For Inflation and Hyperinflation by Buying Ahead Of Time
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Prepare For Inflation and Hyperinflation by Buying Ahead Of Time

You can prepare for inflation by purchasing durable goods long before you need them.

Prepare For Inflation and Hyperinflation by Buying Ahead Of Time

Many economists forecast very high inflation or hyperinflation as a result of all the money being printed to solve the financial crisis. Here is how you might prepare yourself for high inflation by purchasing some durable goods long before you need them.

The Risk of Very High Inflation Or Even Hyperinflation Is High.

To prepare yourself for possible hyperinflation or very high inflation keep informed about which way inflation is heading by watching CNBC, Bloomberg or other financial networks.The CPI or consumer price index is a leading indicator. Many economists, including Nouriel Roubini and Marc Faber (both whom predicted the current crisis), forecast a period of very high inflation or hyperinflation when the economy starts to rebound in a year or two. They predict that the U.S. dollar will lose much of it's current value and the prices of durable goods, especially imported ones, will skyrocket. Here is one way you can prepare for inflation that could be coming in a year or two.

Prepare For Inflation By Buying Ahead Of Time

Buy things you might need in the future. Instead of putting your money in a bank, where interest rates are barely above the rate of inflation, you might consider preparing for inflation or hyperinflation by purchasing goods that you are going to need in the future. Some of the things you will be using in the coming years are dirt cheap now because of deflation. If the item has a long shelf life, it may pay you back later to buy it now. Choose items that you know you are going to need and ones that store well. For example, disposable razors or blades, sealed in airtight packages can last for ten years or more. To prepare for inflation buy things like liquid laundry detergent, that can last a decade when stored at a constant indoor temperature. Examples of household items that store well include mops, dish towels, towels, sheets, socks, underwear, furniture polish, spices, soap, anti antiperspirant, etc.

Choose Wisely When Buying Ahead Of Time To Fight Inflation

Choose things that inflation will affect the most. We may never see prices of imported goods, such as hand tools from China, this cheap again in our lifetime. As the U.S. dollar becomes less valuable the cost of imported goods will rise because of the exchange rate. As domestic spending in China increases they will begin to compete for goods from Chinese factories along with us. Consider buying cheap hand tools such as hammer, nails, wire, screwdrivers, drills, grinders and other long lasting products. To prepare for inflation by "buying ahead" just look around your home at the things that last more than five years on the shelf and start to accumulate them when you can. Avoid things that contain batteries of any kind and store everything you buy in airtight containers in a dry closet that is free of mice and insects.

No one can say for certain that very high inflation will occur, but the likelihood of things getting cheaper is very slim so you don't have anything to lose by buying ahead of time.

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